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RFID: A Prescription for Exhibitor Success at RSNA

After a week of bringing together radiologists and hospital executives from all over the world, RSNA, the country’s largest medical tradeshow, drew to a close Friday.

Attendees participate in RSNA to get an “up close and personal” look at new & current products in the field of Radiology. It is an event where more than 50,000 attendees visit because all the major suppliers in the industry are present. Attendees perform side-by-side product comparisons by walking the show floor. At the same time, this powerful industry group is exactly the target audience large exhibitors such as GE, Philips, and Toshiba Healthcare are looking to meet and sell their multi-million dollar equipment to.  

What’s new and exciting for exhibitors this year in reaching these booth visitors? Intelligent RFID. RFID has been used at the RSNA show in previous years, however this year a marketing intelligence solution was utilized to pair buyers with sellers in real-time on the show floor. The result, the largest number of exhibitors in RSNA history utilized the RFID solution. RFID stations were completely SOLD OUT.

 Exhibitors benefit directly from RFID technology

Booth product demos are often haphazard as staff members demo to anyone wanting to listen to their pitch. Exhibitors often misdiagnose attendees’ specific interests because of an inability to discern attendees’ purchasing power, interests and preferences. Intelligent RFID is able to diagnose purchase intent and level of interest to help identify buyers.

With the use of Intelligent RFID visitor tracking, exhibitors were able to see attendee interests in real-time and understand how long attendees spent in front of a product area, how many days they came back to see the product, and which additional products they were interested in learning more about. Combining product interests, leads and time in the booth with visitor demographics, paints a powerful picture of who really is likely to make a purchasing decision. In the world of real-time information, Intelligent RFID enabled exhibitors to identify a higher-quality lead, which helps shorten sale cycles and increases revenue opportunities.

More tradeshows will be asked to incorporate Intelligent RFID as booth exhibitors start to demand more value and ROI for the shows they participate in.


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