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2010: The Year in Review

Although self promotion isn’t our style, we think that once a year we owe it to the Alliance Tech team to celebrate our accomplishments. Here are some thoughts about 2010 and our plans for the coming year.

Even though, according to economists, the recession officially ended in June 2009, the face-to-face event industry is just now emerging from the downturn. In 2010, when some companies cut back on marketing and product development, Alliance Tech made a strategic decision to increase visibility, launch a new product, and delve deeper into social media. The results were positive as the company racked up two awards, editorial mentions in several major industry publications, and record sales volume.

Exhibitor’s Choice Award

Although the first half of the year began quietly, the second half started off strong. In mid-July, Alliance Tech won the “Exhibitor’s Choice” Award for the Best Technology Company from the Trade Show Exhibitor’s Association (TSEA). We were very pleased to be recognized by our colleagues, clients, and friends in the industry for our suite of “Intelligent” solutions that showcase our RFID (radio frequency identification), lead retrieval, and mobile capabilities for exhibitors and corporate event planners.

New Product Launch

Later in July, Alliance Tech rolled out its Intelligent CONNECT MOBILE application for the meetings and events industry. Our “green” solution for smart devices is a digital conference guide that gives attendees full access to event content including session abstracts, speaker profiles, exhibitor listings, event highlights and session details using mobile devices such as the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other smart phones. Users can generate customized agendas, view scalable floor plans, locate exhibitors, and complete session surveys at the touch of their fingertips.

MTO Tech Award

In November 2010, Alliance Tech won an MTO Tech Award in the Best in “Analytics and Measurement” category.  MTO Tech Award winners were selected by a jury of technology experts and handed out during the annual MTO Summit in Washington, DC. Alliance Tech was recognized for its Intelligent EXHIBITOR offering, an RFID solution that provides trade show organizers and exhibitors with an opportunity to better understand attendee behavior and preferences.

FISH Announcement

The year was capped off by Alliance Tech’s announcement in December that it had entered into an agreement with FISH Technologies of Carrollton, TX to represent their Real Time Measurement System (RTMS) in the trade show and conference industry. Before the announcement, Alliance Tech and FISH had been the two largest companies offering RFID (radio frequency identification) solutions to the business-to-business trade show and conference market. As part of the agreement, Alliance Tech and FISH agreed to cross license specific intellectual property and products rather than compete. The partnership further illustrates the growing interest in RFID solutions for trade shows and conferences.

Finally, after speaking at five industry conferences, sponsoring nine industry events, exhibiting in two trade shows, producing four Webinars, writing 29 blog posts, sending hundreds of tweets, placing multiple digital ads, and writing a handful of press releases, we brought 2010 to a close. In 2011 we’re looking forward to pushing harder than ever to invest in the industry, evangelize about the value of face-to-face events, and demonstrate ways to measure the return on investment from trade shows, conferences and meetings.

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As a 15 year veteran event analyst, Roger Lewis is a leader and visionary in the area of event measurement. He is an expert on utilizing technology, such as radio frequency identification (RFID), to measure and understand marketing performance metrics. As executive vice president of Alliance Tech, Roger has been instrumental in positioning the organization as the number one provider of event business intelligence metrics for Fortune 500 companies. More about Roger

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