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Survey Questions that get the Most out of the Lead Qualification Process

The mobility, flexibility, and clean user interfaces of the newest lead retrieval devices—Smartphones and iPads—coupled with state-of-the art 2D barcode readers make the buyer qualification process at trade shows much faster and easier than before. With the extra time, booth staffers can ask more and better questions of attendee buyers.


A basic survey technique called BANT is detailed in the white paper “Metrics are King! Event Justification in a Down Economy.” BANT is an acronym that stands for

Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeframe. Questions using this framework could include

  • Do you have a budget allocated for our products and services?
  • Do you make the purchase decisions regarding our products and services?
  • Do our products and services meet your needs?
  • What is your timeframe for making a purchase?

Branching Logic

Branching logic—a feature of online surveys—helps exhibitors qualify leads more efficiently using follow up questions that vary depending upon the respondents’ previous answers. The following is an example of a series of questions that use branching logic:

Question: What products are you interested in? Answer:  MRI machines

Question:  What types of MRI machines? Answer:  portable MRI machines

Question: Which models of portable MRI machines would meet your requirements? Answer:  models 2500, 1502, and 4355.

If, at any time the respondent provided a different answer than those shown above, the survey would automatically adjust the follow up question to match the response.

Closed-Ended Questions

Although BANT questions form the basis of a standard lead qualification survey, there are other questions that exhibitors can ask prospects as they go through the booth or watch a demonstration:

  • Are you using similar products and services now?
  • Are you purchasing these types of products and services for the first time or upgrading existing products and services?
  • Where do you normally search for information about these types of products and services? (Provide a list of options)
  • Where did you learn about our company, products, or services? (Provide a list of options)

Open-Ended Questions

While it’s important to ask questions that have a limited range of answers, the newer lead retrieval devices permit exhibitors to include questions that could have open-ended responses:

  • What are the current problems your firm faces that our products and services could solve?
  • What are the specific features and benefits of our product that interest you the most?
  • Which of the features and benefits of our products and services are less important to you?
  • What are the most important factors in your purchase decision?

Good survey questions and responses make leads more valuable. The Metrics are King! white paper explains, “Sales managers know that a higher quantity of leads do not equal more revenue. It is higher quality leads that drive revenue.” With easy-to-use devices and apps offering the ability to use branching logic and record both closed-ended and open-ended responses to survey questions, booth staffers can take full advantage of the limited face-to-face interaction time with prospects.


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